BOB Enchanted
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BOB Enchanted

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1 x Blushed Peach - Colour Peach Cover.

1 x Cherry Glow -  Colour Sheer Pink.

1 x Cotton Candy - Colour Cool Pink Cover.

1 x Enchanted - Colour Frosted Clear.

1 x Flora - Colour Pink Cover.

1 x Stardust - Colour Sparkle Pink.

1 x Sugar Cane - Semi Translucent Pink.

1 x Tahiti Bay - Natural Pink.

1 x This Little Piggy - Colour. Peachy/Pink.

  •      One component.



  • No Heat Spike.
  • Self-levelling.
  • Applies like a Gel Polish and has almighty staying power.
  • Infill or to remove file down the length and bulk then soak off.
  • Health & safety in mind less than 1.5% HEMA Content.

 Made in the UK.

CJP Can not stress enough that CJP Brush on builder should not be used to infill any other Brand or Manufactures alternative type of product.

A brand new application should be started using CJP Brush on Builder. This is due to other similar products on market that are known to cause allergies and have high level concentrations of harmful Chemicals that could cause allergies and potential complications.

CJP are not using this as a scare mongering tactic we are totally confident in our own products and their capabilities however we do not wish to get involved with a potential mixed product treatment of another manufacturer that we can guarantee what is in their product.

Nails are to be prepped as per usual. Bob can be layered onto the nail as required. Best applied in 3 layers, thin, thick, thin. After Curing wipe to finish. Cure for 2-3 minutes UV OR 60 SECONDS LED using a 48w lamp.

  • A low heat one component Gel No need for bonder, base coat or gloss top coat. Simple to use at any level of expertise. Durable, with a lovely shine and strong adhesive qualities. These gels create beautiful long strong nail. Infill or to remove file down the length and bulk then soak off.


Generally, if you are qualified in extensions/infills and Gel polish application you should normally be covered by your insurance. However, it is your responsibility to check with your own insurance as each insurance policy is different.