Colour Releaser (1 Litre)
Colour Releaser (1 Litre)
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Colour Releaser (1 Litre)

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Annandale & Hotte Ltd Colour Releaser Low Volume Peroxide Lightener


Colour Releaser is a gentler lightening product than standard peroxides and bleaches, which benefits clients who wish to change their colour without committing to a permanent treatment.


Our Colour Releaser works as a tone-on-tone or no lift hair colour developer, to use with permanent hair dye & lightening powders. Follow bleach / tint manufacturers instructions. This is perfect for a more natural-looking finish with varied shades.


With its rich and creamy consistency, the Annandale & Hotte Ltd Colour Releaser allows for easy application and coverage.


Annandale & Hotte Ltd Colour Releaser comes in a 1 litre bottle and is compatible with all brands.