Brown Sugar Express Spray Tan Solution (500ml)
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Brown Sugar Express Spray Tan Solution (500ml)

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Fully tested for Product Safety to comply with EU Regulations. Manufactured in the UK in GMP facility to International Quality Standard ISO 9000:2015

For best results

Shave and/or exfoliate 24 hours before application Remove any make up, perfumes and any old fake tan before applications. Apply barrier cream to hairline, nails and in between fingers and toes, dry skin areas – anywhere tan is not required.
1 Hour tan is perfect for all skin types and clients who want a fast tan that can be washed off after an hour.

1 Hour tan will result in a lightly tanned skin after 1 hour, Medium Tan after 2 hours and for deeper results leave on for 3 hours

Can be reapplied if required.
Superior-quality, self tanning products free of unnecessary additives and chemicals
Products contain 100% Natural Active Ingredients combined with Certified Organic Plant botanicals
Products do not contain Parabens, Mineral Oils, Alcohol, Sodium Laurel Sulphate
Manufactured in the UK
Environmentally & Ethically friendly

Not tested on animals.