All about the Base HEMA FREE - 15m
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All about the Base HEMA FREE - 15m

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All about the BASE HEMA Free 15ml

All about the BASE is a base coat with a twist! It’s an extra strong durable base that is perfect for those who need extra strength under there gel polish, it is also the perfect product for those who wish to wear something on there nails to help them grow and protect them! All about the base is a beautiful semi opaque pink that disguises any imperfections on the nail plate so can be worn alone or under your chosen gel polish shade as the perfect base. 

Directions for use 

1, Apply direct to the natural nail and cure for 2 mins led - 30/60 secs LED depending on lamp 

2, To use All about the BASE as a strengthening layer only apply a second coat and cure.

3, Finish with C Jel P Top gloss,


4, To use under your chosen C Jel P shade, after step 1 apply your chosen colour and proceed as usual.

Made in the UK.