CJP Queenie Brush Size 16
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CJP Queenie Brush Size 16

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Pure Kolinsky brush, ideal for experienced techs, one bead, and extreme length. Ensure you gently flick the residue out before first use, submerge into clean monomer and re shape immediately. Store bristles down with the lid on.

Size 16


Brush care Instructions


CJP Acrylic Brushes 

How to prepare your new brush before first use, to ensure longevity.

All brushes have a gum type product to protect in transport, it is very important you remove this before first use, not doing so will leave you with a brush not fit for purpose.  We can not send replacements for “broken brushes” that have not had the gum removed - trust me we can tell when it hasn’t!!....:

Carefully break the  seal on your brush and gently tease the hairs and the dust will start to disperse, it is important that you do this until there is no dust left. It is easier to do under a light as the dust will rise and therefore be easier to see. Get right into the belly of the brush, you can use a metal tool etc to aid you. When all the dust has gone you must soak in monomer for a few moments and gently wipe off excess on a piece of kitchen towel whilst shaping back into a point.  Replace lid CAREFULLY and store bristles point down.  If you only flick the gum for a few second there will still be gum in the belly of your brush and after a few uses you brush will separate in the middle, causing a snakes tongue effect!!  

Always ensure that you regular wipe your brush regularly during each service, and at the end of the service ensure that no acrylic product is left in the bristles, place the brush in monomer and gently wipe and reshape on a paper towel before storing away.    To try and rescue a brush that has product stuck in it, saturate in fresh monomer and wrap over night in cling film, in the morning wipe out whilst constantly shaping on your kitchen roll.    Believe it or not it is possible to ruin a brand new brush in around 10 seconds if your acrylic hardens in it.  
You can not build a good foundation without good tools, your brush is your best friend.  Look after it and it will look after you!