Hive Eyelash Tint Stain Remover 125ml
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Hive Eyelash Tint Stain Remover 125ml

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Superior high quality Tint Stain Remover for use in eyelash or eyebrow tinting treatments to assist in the removal of tint stains left on the skin.

Key Features:

For use in both eyelash and eyebrow tinting treatments.

Effectively helps to remove unwanted tint & residue left on the skin.

Light & gentle, skin friendly formula. Our premium Lash range represents all products designed for eyelash treatments, including eyelash tinting, perming and false lashes Professional

Tips For Use:

Use a cotton bud to gently apply stain remover to the tint stained area.

Gently massage in and then remove excess with a cotton disc masking sure the remover does not enter the eye