Quintessential Mocha Collection - Muted Mocha
Quintessential Mocha Collection - Muted Mocha
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Quintessential Mocha Collection - Muted Mocha

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Quint:essential is a 2 in 1 colour system. The majority of the colours can be used for both permanent and quasi permanent colouring by simply using Quint:essential Quasi Developer to produce a 16 to 20 wash colour result. The colour formulas mix to a silky textured crème and feature a premium fragrance while being cruelty-free and a vegan friendly with recyclable packaging.

Pre-blended colours:

– 9 Natural collection tones
– 26 +Cover-age collection tones
– 23 Cool collection tones
– 27 Warm collection tones
– 22 Mocha collection tones

Creative colours:

– 13 Vivid + collection tones plus 3 Vivid + Light
– 9 Lightening collection tones
– 14 Toning collection tones + LB
– 7 Amplifiers

Micro-dye technology

The Quint:essential colour range has the added technology of smaller colour molecules:-
Penetrates quicker and deeper in the hair- Prevents colour fade- Produces a significantly
longer lasting colour result.