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Repair ✔️

Strengthen ✔️

Restore ✔️

Repair damaged, brittle and weak nails from the inside out.......Powered by encapsulation, inspired by nature.  Active properties are encased within a lipid microsphere which delivers maximum nourishment deep into the nail plate. 

  • Amino Acids. - Nourish and rebuild 
  • Tea tree oil - Antiseptic properties 
  • Vitamin E  - Nurture and Strengthen
  • HEMA Free
  • Vegan Friendly 

A professional UV nail treatment, ideal for weak, damaged nails.  This ground breaking formulation works by penetrating the nail plate and repairing and rebuilding from within.  A UV curable treatment for directions for use please see packaging and for more information head over to our Facebook support group.  

Formulated, Developed and Made  in the U.K.


This product is not a quick fix. This product is you and a client entering into a contract. You both have a deal to uphold. 

You as the professional will ensure there nails rebuild from within and your client will ensure they do not bite/pick or demand unrealistic instant results. 


This is a treatment plan, it’s not a quick fix for under gel polish. This product will give your client what you both need and that’s a good foundation to build on. Once your clients nail health isn’t compromised you can then move over to Rubber it and gel colours as you now have a healthy base to work on. You absolutely CAN NOT build a house on bad foundations. If you maintain your regulars nail health this possibly won’t be needed. 


The Nail Grail  will open up a whole new clientele who never even thought It would be possible for them to have healthy, beautiful nails. You will prep the nail and apply in 2-3 coats and cure using a CJP lamp, you can if wanted use a top coat. The product is not designed to be used as a base coat or go under one it is designed to be applied on top of the nail and it will penetrate the nail plate and rebuild from the inside. The Nail Grail has a natural pink hue to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish. Your client will update you weekly and I suggest the second appointment is scheduled for 7-10 days to keep a close eye on the progress. Gradually moving to 2 weeks and then to 2/3 weeks. You can file back and infill.  After 4-5 appointments it will be time to remove completely and replace with Rubber It/Gel colour and you will gain yourself a new client for life as you will have provided a platform for long lasting gel manicures.  


We also can’t promise it will repair nails that suffer due to medical conditions and it certainly won’t repair a nail that has issues due to a damaged matrix.

This is for traumatised, damaged, abused nails where the client wants to commit.